The Easy Way to Turn Your TV Into a Sign

Simple TV Display is a lightweight app for Amazon FireTV and Amazon Fire Stick. Give it a URL to a website, video, or image and it will turn your tv into digital sign. Unlike TV web browsers, it will not go to sleep. Video and images can be downloaded for offline use, great for conferences or places with spotty wifi. All for only $19.99!

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Easy to install on Amazon's FireTV and Fire Stick

Point it at any website

Set a refresh rate

App never falls asleep

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Perfect For

Lobby Directory

Get visitors to where they need to be, in style.

Restaruant Menu

Highlight your specials and your menu.

Events Calendar

Keep customers updated on the events you want them at!

Video and Images

Display video and images, with option to download offline.

Simple TV Display Installation Instructions:

  1. Purchase a Fire TV Stick

    You will need an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

    Fire TV Stick on Amazon >>
    4K Fire TV Stick on Amazon >>

  2. Search For "Sperry"

    Using your Fire TV Remote, search for "Sperry". You can browse to magnifying glass in top left or hold the microphone button and speak "Sperry" into your remote.

    Click on the "Get" or "Download" button on the Simple TV Display screen in the Amazon App Store.

    Or if you are logged into with the account associated with your Fire TV, you can purchase it on a computer or mobile device.

    Purchase on Amazon App Store ($19.99 USD) >>

  3. Setup

    The first time you open the Simple TV Display app, it will walk you through a simple setup process.

    Additional Setup Support >>

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